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DC1306A - LTC3586EUFE Demo Board I High Efficiency USB Power Manager + Dual Buck + Boost + Buck-Boost DC/DC

Demonstration Circuit 1306 is a High Efficiency USB Power Manager plus Multi-Output Power Supply featuring the LTC3586. The LTC3586 integrates a high efficiency Li-Ion battery charger with PowerPath control and four general purpose synchronous switching regulators (2x400mA dual buck, 1A buck-boost, 800mA boost), all in one chip. The PowerPath manager includes a 4.35V to 5.5V input synchronous switching regulator, a full-featured 1.5A CC/CV linear Li-Ion battery charger and an ideal diode. Designed specifically for USB applications, the LTC3586’s low voltage switching regulator automatically limits its input current to a maximum of either 1x (for USB 100mA), 5x (for USB 500mA) or 10x for wall-powered applications (1A). The demo board can be used with the LTC3586-1(4.1V charge voltage) or LTC3586 (4.2V charge voltage).

DC1306A - Schematic