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DC9001B - SmartMesh IP Eval/Dev Manager (chip antenna), 100 mote capacity

DC9001B SmartMesh IP Eval Manager (100 Motes) - jpgDC9001B SmartMesh IP Evaluation Manager (100 Mote Capacity)

Note: Newer Part Nunber Available - Please see the DC2274A-A

A SmartMesh IP Network Manager anchors the SmartMesh IP product line. It provides core networking functionality, enabling the network to achieve unsurpassed levels of resilience, reliability and scalability, with advanced network management and comprehensive security features.

DC9001B Evaluation/Development Network Manager incorporates the LTC®5800-IPR SmartMesh IP Manager-on-Chip™, has a 100 mote network capacity. The DC9001B provides a USB connection for both power and software access to the manager API UART port. Optionally, the DC9006A Eterna interface card (shown on the right hand side in the picture above) can be removed to allow 3V level access to the LTC5800-IPR signals for use with embedded processors.

DC9001B SmartMesh IP Eval Manager (100 Motes) - ANGLE -  jpg



SmartMesh IP Starter Kit Software

Software Utility


Download Link


GUI application for visualizing a network and interacting with motes


Serial Mux

Software used to connect multiple clients to the manager


SmartMesh SDK (optional)

Software development kit used to interact with the devices’ Application Programming Interface (API)

GitHub Repository

FTDI driver

USB-to-Serial drivers for communication with DC9001, DC9006 boards

Download VCP from FTDIchip.com

LBR (optional)

Low power Border Router software utility and sample code. Python script for mapping SmartMesh IP networks onto an IPv4 network (e.g. Ethernet)